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Common Skills of Simplix Robots

The simplix robots are made to drive up to 5 teams, each having two cars of the same cartype. In the robots setupfile (i.e. simplix_trb1a.xml) you can define the cartypes to use per team and/or driver and override the robots default names for the drivers. This is done in a new way to avoid the TORCS problem, that it uses different sources for the driver's names while selection in the menus (default names from the robot) and while displaying at race (defined in the setup). A simplix robot allways uses the names defined in the robot's setupfile and gives the user the possibility to personalize the robot without recompiling it.

Regarding the limit of 10 cars per robot, you can define more than two cars per team in the robot's setupfile. If pitsharing is activated (for endurance races), the teammanager of the simplix robots controls pitting of the both  (or more) cars of a team. If you use more than two cars per team on shorter tracks, the parameter "min laps" in the robot's setupfile should be increased to make the teammanager decide earlier. All drivers need as much fuel to drive this defined number of laps (defaut = 3). If any hasn't enough, the teammanager sends the one with the fewest fuel to the pit.

Simplix robots are made to race fast with few setup parameters. In most cases the parameters of the default setups work well. If needed you can override the default parameters in cartype and track specific setup files. The naming convention of setupfiles is "...\drivers\robotname\cartype\trackname.xml". If you want to define different setups for practice-, qualify- and racemode, you have to qualify the filename as "trackname-mode" (with mode = practice, qualify or race). For very special needs you can override it per driver in additional setupfiles "...\drivers\robotname\driverindex\trackname.xml" and/or "...\drivers\robotname\driverindex\trackname-mode.xml".

To be a better opponent for gamers, the simplix robots can use the skilling defined by Andrew Sumner for his hymie-sc-robots. You have to install the Supercar-Set (at least the file ..\torcs\config\raceman\extra\skill.xml) to use it. In addition it handles overlapping situations with a high priority and tries to keep the path at the current side in curves, if there is an opponent atside.

A simplix robot saves calculated racinglines in a subdirectory "...\drivers\robotname\tracks", so make sure, that it has write permissions in this directories. If a race is restarted the robot can use it and is initialized much faster. All cars/drivers of a robot are using the same racingline. This is, why all cars of a robot should be balanced or similar. If you start a simplix robot for the first time on a track, it took some time to calculate all needed data. But please be patient, the next car can use it too.

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