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SIMPLIX - What is Simplix?

The Name SIMPLIX is build from "SIMPLy mIXed best practice" and names a series of TORCS-robots.

The first simplix robot was used to race at the TORCS Endurance World Championship 2008. Three teams used it:

The "Wdbee Racing" Team (whole season) with the drivers Lobo Malo and Lupo Bianco (called "Los Lobos") racing with the car6_trb1.

The "Red Simplix Racing" Team (first half season) with the drivers Jan Marek and Tim Jurek (called "The Red Boys") racing with the car1_trb1.

The "Blue Simplix Racing" Team (second half season) with the drivers Ann Carol and Bea Benz (called "The Ladies") racing with the car2_trb1.

Meanwhile there are extended simplix robots as opponents for gamers, beeing able to drive more than one team and more than two cars.

In the current version of TORCS a robot is limited to a maximum number of 10 cars it can drive. To provide it's service for all interesting cars, you have to use several robots. The cars in TORCS are grouped in carsets. At the moment we have two carsets beeing served by simplix robots:



Information about the robot's common skills is given here. To learn more about the special skills of the single robots look at:

simplix_trb1 (Simplix for TRB1-Car-Set, simplix_trb1a and simplix_trb1b)

simplix_sc (Simplix for Supercar-Set, simplix_sca and simplix_scb)

A special package is the simplix for racers, made to be used as base for a customized robot. Feel free to start your own robot on it and join us at the championship.

This robot only knows how to drive two cars of the same type and the same team, just as needed for the championship.

This makes it easier to understand and extend it.