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TORCS Robot Development


This is the robot used for the TRB1 car set. Some of the calculations used in the robots are still based on the car6_trb1 and the other TRB1 cars are not far away. So these cars are what a simplix can drive best.

An example is the estimation of the cars possible acceleration. It is estimated based on a quadratic polynom that was fit to the car6_trb1.

Another example is the friction of tyres and the additional downforce caused by the wings. The scaling parameter of the racingline was optimized for the values that TRB1 cars have. This scaling affects the way the racingline is fit to curves. If a car has more downforce it can brake better into the curve, without it has to brake more driving still straight. Therefore the racingline calculated is not optimal for other car types having other values here.